Part of the fun of going to a Film Festival is the serendipity of it. - Nancy Buirski, Producer and Director
1. Do I have to pay submission fees? No. We don’t charge you for showcasing your talent. We believe no talent should go unnoticed, whatsoever.
2. What are the different categories that I can enter in?
3. If my film doesn’t get in, do I get a feedback on why it didn’t pass? We strive to provide you the correct assistance to help you realise your inaccuracies. Our mentors guide you with their expert opinions and provide their feedback on your work.
4. Do you accept international submission?
5. What all should I attach with my submission?
6. How can I receive notification that my film has been submitted?
7. Am I eligible for any awards if my film gets selected?
8. Do I need to obtain rights to music and copyrighted material on the film?
9. Can I resend my film if I have made a mistake in the film, the first time I sent it?
10. I am having issues submitting my film. It displays an error called “______”. What should I do?