About us

Part of the fun of going to a Film Festival is the serendipity of it. - Nancy Buirski, Producer and Director

Serendipity signifies the chance or a good fortune which happens once in a lifetime; twice if you are really lucky. We want your lifetime to be filled with such serendipities and that’s where the idea of organizing Film Festivals came from.

All of it happened on a fine Thursday morning (No, it wasn’t a Monday. Yes, we are in film showcasing business but we aren’t so cliché! (Optional)). The newspaper headline read,

“Happy to represent Indian cinema at Cannes: Richa Chaddha”

That piece covered the full story about our actors experiences at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and an instant thought popped up in our minds

“Why not us? What’s stopping us?”

Why can’t we be another Cannes Festival or better than that? With such a rich diversity of movies around us, what’s stopping us from taking the lead and showcasing them in front of the right audience?

The spellbinding idea didn’t let us sit quietly for a second. A quintessential conversation over steaming ‘chai’ in the afternoon, a brain-storming session later in the evening, and BOOM!

‘ShortReelz’ was born.

Think over it. Why is the Indian presence unsubstantial in number at any International Film Festivals, considering we are a population of 1 billion people? Why can’t we have a Film Festival of ours that gives a platform to all the talented Editors and Film Makers? The solution to this was born with the idea of ‘ShortReelz.’

At ShortReelz, we provide a platform to your skill, guide you and help you fly! We are the first-ever start up focused on connecting talented Filmmakers and Film Festivals from India.

We believe no talent should go unnoticed and work towards encouraging it! As of today, we are educating Filmmakers about Filmmaking via our Knowledge center on the website. Moreover, we also provide exposure to Film Festivals through our social media handles on request.

We strive to uplift good films and Filmmakers through our social media channels.

Our vision is simple, straight and firm. We aim to connect Filmmakers to Indian Film Festivals. We aim to create a lifetime resume for any Filmmaker; to increase average number of Film submissions to National as well as International Film Festivals through innovative marketing and growth hacking.

We are reaching out to all the media students and making them aware about Filmamking as well as Film Festivals. Register with us for free and always stay ahead of the game!